Worth Reading (Not Mine)

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Transformers: Creative Teachers for the 21st Century by Mary Kim Schreck

In the never ending quest to become a better teacher, I am constantly reading. Having just finished Transformers: Creative Teachers for the 21st Century by Mary Kim Schreck, I feel like I’ve taken away some ideas that I can use both in the classroom with students and some better explanations for the use of these strategies for administrators and others who wonder about the importance of creativity in education.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher


I’ll be honest that it scares me still how close to my own thoughts Hannah’s were. We might not have had the exact same situations that led us to confronting such a huge thing as suicide, but we had the same emotions and thoughts that brought us there. That’s why I plan on using it in my classroom. I think they should be aware the warning signs (which are astonishingly accurate in the novel). That’s why I want you to pick it up from your library or bookstore because it’s a buy– though I totally get it if you want to read it first or don’t have the cash. But read it. Let me know what you think of it.

The Healing of America by T.R. Reid 

Though it came out before the affordable care act passed, it is still an important read when trying to understand our healthcare system in comparison to other countries around the world.