Hopefully Worth Reading (Stuff I Wrote)

“Sleep Deprivation” (a prosaic poem from the National Writing Project 2012)

There wasn’t time, there never is, to sleep. “A nap, my kingdom for a nap!” I cry. Toothpaste mixes with the snack of Doritos. I moan as I mourn over the morning ritual, wishing I could just go to bed.

Boxers, socks, jeans, dress shirt, belt, and a tweed blazer; I’m dressed. But the day promises the weather channel it will be hot. I rethink the blazer.

I drive. I pace. I sit. I wait. Finally, it’s time. My mind devours the information like breakfast, which I technically skipped.

Lunch offers the temptation i crave, but if I lie down, I won’t get back up. I get coffee to keep my eyes from drooping. Two sugars. Two creams. The coffee is masked enough to make a bittersweet symphony. That’s life.

I take a sip. I power through. I always will. I always do.