Top 5 Ways to Create a Writer’s Space Wherever You Are

I took last two weeks off to walk the Camino with my wife, to recover after, and to move back to the United States. But now I’m back with some of the most important advice for writers: creating a writing space wherever you are. 

I have lived in four different places so far in my adult life and a requirement, for me, was to have an office space in the home– even if it’s just a corner somewhere for my desk. But, chances are you know as well as I do that you’ll need to work other places sometimes. Maybe your traveling and have hours in a plane. Maybe your moving to a coffee shop for the day because you need a change of scene or are too distracted at home. 

Well, coffee shop, air plane, or home office, these are the five things you need: 

1. Alone

Writing is not an act you can do while talking. In other professions, if you’re at the office, working, people do not bother you. Writing? “Come on, come (insert distraction here).” I’m lucky that most of my friends and family at least try to be understanding. Almost all understand when I resist. 

But this is hard to do. It takes a lot of willpower. You have to isolate yourself. 

2. Writing Space and Tools 

You have to have a flat surface for your laptop, tablet, or journal. This is how you actually do the act of writing. This, actually, is the easiest of all the things you need. 

If you’re looking for good apps:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Scrivener 
  • Storyist

3. Music

This is vital for me to work: I need music. Whether it is a CD, Apple playlist, Pandora, or Spotify, I need something that will take me out of where I am at the moment and feel more like I am inside my story. I love crafting Pandora radio stations and playlists so that I have my own writing soundtracks for each work. 

4. Airplane Mode/ Silence

In the same vein as #1, you need as few distractions as possible. If you are using wifi to listen to music, put your phone on silence. If not, put it on airplane made. Take no calls. Take no texts. 

5. Fuel

You need as few excuses to get up as possible. I always sit down with a drink and I prefer to sit down with a snack. It keeps me in my seat. A good cup of coffee will keep me going for hours. 

Those are the five ways I make any spot my office to work on my novel. Which, I have officially finished the first draft of! 

Have I missed a tip on creating an office anywhere? Let me know in the comments below! 

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