How to Create a Fantasy World Map for Writers and Game Masters in Just 7 Steps

My blog post on Legends of Mondiir on creating fantasy maps.

Legends of Mondiir

I’ve just completed my first full campaign in Mondiir, the realm I created specifically for my DnD games. Since I wanted to keep using this realm, I knew that I needed a full world to explore. (I also knew that I didn’t have to know EVERYTHING about this world yet. Neither do you. Don’t drive yourself crazy.)

I went through a lot of the available materials for DnD and grouped a lot by cultures/regions familiar to our world. This works for Mondiir, which is based more than vaguely on our earth and timeline. Here is how I turned that drawing into a world for my players in just seven steps.

1st: add an underlay of your drawing/make a crappy first outline (I did both)

I sketched around the vague collections of names that I had. It looked terrible. It always does. You’ll fix that in step two.

2nd: On a…

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